Why become an Industry Partner at a 4 All of Us Conference?

4 All of Us works hard to facilitate information exchange within the public sector and to provide an interface with commercial solution providers.

Our conferences offer commercial sponsors the opportunity to engage with key public sector decision and budget holders. They may sponsor exhibition space and can present at workshops. They may also be invited to present within the full plenary sessions, depending on the subject material matching the conferences objectives.


  • Make connections and network which is necessary to implement your services
  • Work with the Public Sector to develop policies
  • Share your expertise on best practice applications
  • Place your organisation in front of key decision makers in your chosen field
  • Understand the needs of public authorities to help shape your services
  • Form partnerships with organisations to help overcome their current challenges
  • Educate your staff through learning about latest guidance, policy and consultations
  • Develop potential business